Welcome ASL III students!

Read the information you will need to know for our class this fall semester.

Each person will check out NADmag, DeafLife,,, or other Deaf websites and magazines/newspapers and share a topic that she learned.
Try to involve other students in the topic by asking them questions and their opinions. There is a sign-up sheet on the cork board. Each person will lead one discussion relating to a Deaf topic.

Also, each person will pick one general topic to discuss that is not related to Deaf Culture or the Deaf community. There is also a sign-up sheet on the cork board.

There will be two discussions per class. One related to Deaf people and one general topic. You must not do both discussions on the same day.

Toward the end of the semester each of you will give a formal 5 to 10 minute presentation on a specific topic related to Deaf Culture/Community. I will videotape your presentation and a group of deaf people along with me will grade your presentation. The sign-up sheet is posted in class.


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