Lesson 2- Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

2.1 Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

A. Cardinal Numbers
*When to use: Cardinal numbers represent an amount, such as one pear, two boys, or nine days and are used for counting.
*Palm orientation: 1-5 will have palm toward signer. For # 6 and beyond, palm out.

B. Ordinal Numbers
*When to use: Ordinal numbers show the order of things like calendar days (the 2nd), the floors in a building (3rd floor), or your place in line (1st).
*Movement: For #1-9, use a single twist inward. For # 10 and up, sign as usual.

*Age 1-9 ( Number with the sign )
*Age 10 and up ( sign and number are separate)

2.4 Ranking of Family Members
The four rules for ranking
1. Different generation cannot be ranked together on the same hand.
2. Siblings should be in chronological order.
3. Similar information should be given for each person.
4. Non-dominant hand is used as the ranking hand.


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