Lesson 3 – Personal Descriptions

Identify – Name of Something
*Numbers 1-9
*Fingertips point outward and shake the wrist slightly
*Used when the number is a part of the name of a noun.
*Examples: ASL III, Chapter Two

3.2 Height, Fractions and Approximations

Signing Heights
*All numbers have palm orientation toward you.
*Start with the number of FEET at your chest area and, bending at the elbow, arc upward for INCHES.
*The sign is only for people.
*The height of buildings and other objects is signed using the cardinal rule with the fingerspelled word FEET and INCHES.

*When both the numerator and denominator are single digits, the palm faces inward for both digits
* First you sign the numerator, next you move your hand slightly down, then you sign the denominator

*These are used for indicating an approximate number.
*The number is held with the fingers pointing to the side of the body outward, palm orientation is facing front, and shaken slightly up and down.
*Examples: My father is in his 60’s
My sister is in her 40’s
My dog is in his 90’s (in dog years)


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